Established in 2006, Grew & Co is an Australian fine jewellery design house.

With a new, design-led flagship store on the corner of Clarence & Kent St in the Sydney CBD, Grew & Co make exquisite pieces.

They’re made to be cherished forever.

The house of Grew & Co

Founded by gemmologists Simon and Gabrielle Grew, Grew & Co is built on a fascination for the rare and the precious.

An expert design practice blends ancient techniques with contemporary methods and sensibilities.

With gems and precious metals sourced from the world over, the Grew & Co team are artists who transform the special moments in your life into wearable fine art.

Bring your story to life

Grew & Co’s ready-to-wear collection is comprised of refined designs of diamonds, exotic gemstones and precious metals, carefully crafted in-house.

Our expert craftsmen also make bespoke pieces, consulting with you throughout the design process.