Step into the realm of Grew & Co
A world between worlds. a place where you can free associate.

And, through the richness of quality craftmanship
In touch with all that is rare and precious.
collaborate on a design that makes your heart sing

Whether you seek to honour an achievement, or a commitment in love, or simply acquire new modern treasure, come and see us, we craft with your intention throughout our process. And, we aspire to create designs that have a magical quality, like a talisman that offers an intimate keystone to your personal history.

All design commences with an idea. To find this idea, we explore what inspires you – the designs you have seen, your favourite furniture pieces, architecture, art, nature, colours, textures, tones. And through conversation, we generate a raft of ideas for exploration.

Good design commands refinement. To refine the ideas, we sketch, honing your preferences and advising on techniques and offering choices of stone and metal until we have a preferred design illustration.

Throughout the process, we enrich your vision. As designers and makers, we are highly skilled in traditional techniques from Mokume Gane through to classic styles found the world over. We are also passionate about bringing avant-garde techniques to the creation of truly original designs

We source from all corners of the globe to meet your expectations and your budget. – stones and metals, gems and diamonds.


We work with metals in their liquid state, mixing golds to create the tones of antiquity from archimedes green, to those of rose and yellows. And, we manipulate the metals using ancient, modern and avant-garde techniques to give texture, life and form to our designs.

We are driven to the highest quality craftsmanship refining the piece until it is without flaws or imperfections. And, we stand behind what we do, knowing that in its perfection, the ultimate design will grow in significance becoming a fine legacy of the love and dedication that gave it form.

My life is dedicated to plying my craft
in the creation of wearable
designs for people of the world.
And, what a privilege.

With every person who enters our studio,
there comes another opportunity to
participate in a new story;
to contribute to their future legacy.