Make Living a Fine Art: Grew & Co …

We have the opportunity to curate our own lives. To adorn our bodies with clothes and jewellery that tell a story. To create interiors that reflect who we truly are.

That has always been the guiding rationale behind our exquisite jewellery collections, available both bespoke, customised and ready-to-wear.

With the opening of our new Grew & Co flagship store in the Koichi Takada-designed Arc by Crown Group building in the Sydney CBD, we will also be launching a Grew & Co homewares range.

It will be a finely curated collection of exceptional, unique pieces sourced by our team from around the globe.

Gaya for Grew & Co Ceramics

Underpinning the range is our collaboration with world-renowned Ceramic and Design house, Gaya.

Founded in Bali by Italian husband and wife team Marcello and Michela Massoni, Gaya’s design studio produces handmade ceramics which are the very definition of everyday luxury.

Gaya’s vision is that a “container” cannot be underestimated because the inherent richness of emptiness is its ability to contain everything of importance.

We likewise believe that home accessories hold great power, as they have the potential to combine functionality with immense beauty.

Bespoke Homewares

Our creative process with Gaya has been intimate, as we’ve worked closely with their team over many months. It has been a joy to watch alchemy in process, as they have transmuted the Grew & Co aesthetic through the power of their craftsmanship.

The results are stunning. The range incorporates the organic and geometric shapes of our jewellery collections, while the pastel, gold and coppery tones reflect our precious metals and exotic gemstones.

Sip from a tea set accompanied by the most delicate of jewel-toned cups. Serve fairy cakes on magical plates inspired by geometric and abstract shapes. Or light fragrant tea lights on a sliver of precious ceramic painted in the most wonderful teal.

Gaya have also created bespoke displays for our new flagship store, as well as divine jewellery boxes to protect your trove of Grew & Co treasure.


Precious Pieces from Around the Globe

Our homewares range will also include other hand-selected items from some of the most interesting corners on earth.

Think jewellery boxes lined with fabrics made by artisans using textile techniques dating back to pre-hispanic times. Collect pouches made from the most beautiful leather, and stemware blown from the finest Austrian glass.

Our range will be continually evolving as our team fossick for the most exotic gemstones, homewares and accessories the world has to offer. Meaning that every time you step into Grew & Co, a new adventure begins.

Make living a fine art. Visit Grew & Co’s new flagship store at:

Arc by Crown Group
Shop 103, 161 Clarence street
Sydney NSW 2000
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