How to Bring Your Story to Life

“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” - Epictetus

We believe that every piece of jewellery you wear is a conduit; a cipher for an important story.

That’s why we strive to make all our jewellery into wearable fine art. When you buy a piece from Grew & Co, you are purchasing a contemporary Australian heirloom. It is made to be cherished forever, to pass on to your grandchildren, to tell the story of you.

A Love Story

Grew & Co was founded in 2006 by gemmologists Simon and Gabrielle Grew. The fine jewellery house is a love story between two makers of rare and beautiful things; an ode to fine craftsmanship.

The launch of our ready-to-wear collection coincides with the opening of our new flagship store on Clarence St in Sydney. Located in the Koichi Takada-designed Arc by Crown Group building, it’s set to become a mecca for collectors of exquisite, Australian-made jewellery.

Many of the pieces from the new collection are customisable. Our brand has grown through our ability to connect with the stories of our clients and interpret their personal experiences.

A Bespoke Journey

For the last decade we have been making high-end bespoke pieces for clients by appointment. Through an in-depth collaborative process that can span months, we have produced incredibly unique pieces for appreciative wearers.

The process begins with you. The brief may be very specific, or as ethereal as a feeling.

One of our clients, Eunice, came to us with the simple request for a truly original ring. From a Chinese-Australian background, tradition held that her husband would gift her a piece of jewellery after they had been married for a certain number of years. Eunice wanted something different and exceptional that she felt expressed her.
Through word-of-mouth, Eunice had been introduced to our ‘vintage meets contemporary’ aesthetic, with its focus on botanicals and clever geometric shapes.

After consulting with Eunice, we realised the individuality and creativity of her personality, which wasn’t fully expressed by her corporate job. She trusted us to make this incredibly special piece of jewellery to showcase her true personality.
The result is the stunning Lattice ring, which has become one of our favourite house pieces.

With a garden of diamonds entwined around a grid-like formation of 18ct gold, the Lattice ring can now be customised with a variety of gemstones.

Extraordinary Materials

Our artistry is enhanced by the incredible materials we use. Our team traverses Australia and the globe to find the most elusive, beautiful gemstones and fine materials the world has to offer. From North Queensland to Arizona to Hong Kong, our team of gemmologists source the very best.

From premium and exotic diamonds cut multitudinous ways to rare sapphires, emeralds, pearls, tourmaline and more, our gems are mesmerising.

Conscious Design

We believe Sydney is ready for more conscious design and quality in ready-to-wear jewellery.

Our new collection at our flagship store at 161 Clarence St will offer a more accessible line of fine jewellery, which is still made with the incredible attention to detail and quality as our bespoke pieces.
The store will also stock a range of Grew & Co homewares, including a collaboration with renowned Ceramics studio Gaya.

We believe that every part of living should be a fine art. Tell your story. Visit Grew & Co at Arc by Crown Group, 161 Clarence St, Sydney.



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