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After over a decade of delighting clients and helping them to tell their unique stories through beautifully crafted jewellery—including bespoke pieces—we have launched the Grew & Co homewares range.

Jewellery speaks to who we are as individuals, but our homes are essentially like the windows into our soul. We nurture, love and grow in these sanctuaries, and the pieces that we adorn our homes with ought to reflect those who are living there and the inner sentiments we seek to radiate. Homeware can also speak to a particular time, or a memory, from a person’s life.

"Our homeware collection has been curated with exceptional care, featuring only the best and most beautiful pieces sourced by our global team."

At the core of our range is our collaboration with Marcello and Michela Massoni of Gaya, known worldwide as an inspired Ceramic and Design house. The influence that the founders’ Italian roots has played is self-evident, and yet it is a collection that continues to evolve.

With more than a touch of elegance, each of Gaya’s pieces effortlessly complement any room, whether one seeks a space as refined as it is regimented, or an eclectic environment to make a powerful and more layered statement. These hand-selected items include jewellery boxes, ornaments, tea sets, precious pieces, stemware and more.

We also create keepsakes to treasure always and forever. Integrate special memento pieces into the most important days of your life, such as in gifting cherished works of art to bridesmaids and others involved in celebrating your wedding. These pieces capture a feeling, and, like our jewellery, feature metal finishes of gold, copper and platinum.

Our enchanting, artisanal offerings are the result of sheer alchemy at play—and the aesthetic they create is simply breathtaking. We welcome you to invite this charming craftsmanship, into your home, today.

Make living a fine art. Visit Grew & Co’s new flagship store at:
Arc by Crown Group
Shop 103, 161 Clarence Street
Sydney, NSW 2000