Grew & Co
2019 Campaign

Green Jewelry on hand

Fashion all too often has a transient nature, not unlike the tides as they ebb and flow. At Grew & Co, our focus is on creating classic pieces to stand the test of time and leave a lasting impression, forever and always. Our 2019 collection will not wane even as trends come and go and yet each lovingly handcrafted item is still evocative of the wonders of the ocean in a number of ways.

"Deeply expansive, wild and deep—our latest collection draws upon the many mysteries of the seas."

As enigmatic as they are beautiful, there is plenty to inspire wearable works of art such as those we have created for this season (and beyond). Gemstones, just like water, alter their appearance in every kind of light. Our 2019 collection’s decadence is reliant on them, drawing on the beauty of sapphires, emeralds and classic diamonds.


  • Diamond Jewelry

Aesthetic is everything, a fact that any appreciator of fine jewellery can attest to. In order to capture the essence of the collection, we needed the photography to convey its magic—after all, we believe there is power in the creative.

What better place to capture the opulence of the collection than in the surrounds of the Byron Bay hinterland?


Each image reflects our attention to detail, our intuitive design process and most importantly, our desire to transcend the barriers of what is “popular” at any given time. With this collection, like every other, our focus has been on creating items we can be proud of.

To shop the collection—or to draw inspiration from it to create your own, bespoke pieces—visit our Sydney boutique or contact us here.

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